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Face Filling

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Face filling is one of the aesthetic procedures applied to the skin. It is generally used in places where botox treatment can be applied. Skin surface with wrinkles is injected. Botox may not be sufficient in some cases. Filling may be required. Fillings allow for easier removal of wrinkles. Some hollow spots on the skin are also removed by filling.

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Face Filling Application

You can find out if the face filling is suitable for you only after a doctor examination. However, in general, we can list the situations that require filling as follow.

  • Making the cheekbone more pronounced. When the cheeks are intended to look more voluminous. It is used for clarifying the forehead and in chin problems.

  • The filling method may be preferred for wrinkles of the forehead.

  • It is used to reduce and eliminate wrinkles around the eyes and in frowning problems.

  • It is preferred in low nose tip and large wing nose problems within rhinoplasty.

  • It is used in skin hollowing problems caused by acnes and pimple marks.

  • Finally, the filling method may be preferred to thicken the lip.

Filling Materials Used for Face Filling

Temporary fillers, as the name suggests, lasts for a certain period of time. It is injected to the body with tools of injection. It slowly disintegrates until the effect period has expired. Over time it is absorbed and the effect is lost. This period is related to the molecular structures of the substances used. Of course, the most important is the dosage of the substance.

Which Fillers are Used? When we look at the fillers used, the names of calcium hydroxyapatite, hyaluronic acid, poly L lactic acid and collagen can be given. The duration of absorption and the effect of these substances in the body is different.

Impact Duration: One of the most wondered topics for those who want face filling is the full impact period. As mentioned above, this period is related to the molecule structure of the substance as well as its dose. But in general, the impact continues in 6 months to 1 year.

Differences Between Permanent and Temporary Filling

There are differences between temporary face filling and permanent filling. In general, a filling process takes from 15 minutes to half an hour. The application phase of the process is easily overcome. Filling injections are in ready state and there is no preparation process. But there are some differences between the two methods of use.

Temporary Face Filling: As the name suggests, they are timed fillings. The duration of these fillings generally varies between 6 months and 1 year. If satisfied, it can be repeated. It is optional. The advantage is that it looks like a trial period if you’re not sure how the filling will look. If you are satisfied, you have the chance to switch to permanent filling.

Permanent Face Filling: The operation does not need to be repeated. It does not have a duration. But as a result of this process, after many years of changes in skin surface and under the skin, these fillings can cause a strange and degenerate appearance.

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